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A common misspelling of Michael Jackson.
It's spelt Michael Jackson, not Micheal Jackson, dumbasses.
by Prof. Goldman February 18, 2010
A word that stupid people laugh at when they have just discovered the meaning of cum.
Person: He's coming from over there.

Stupid teenage girl: lolorz 1he said come!1 1 !!
by Prof. Goldman November 30, 2010
A loud, idiotic event that is held to make members of a school team feel special about themselves when in truth they are no more important than any other student. They are an attempt at forcibly getting sane students (who are considered emos) to show school spirit, and are only enjoyed by idiotic students, which is generally most of the school.
I felt like shooting myself at the pep rally.
by Prof. Goldman February 18, 2010
The song played at every school dance.
There's Party Rock Anthem again.
by Prof. Goldman December 11, 2011
A once awesome website that, after partnering with Google, goes through an annoying, unnecessary ass redesign every week.
John: Yo, did you see YouTube's new update?

Mike: Yeah, it's about as ugly as a herpes ridden vagina that just went through childbirth.
by Prof. Goldman December 08, 2012
A term used to describe any game with atrocious voice acting.
This game's story and gameplay are good, but it's voice acting makes it a House of the Dead 2!
by Prof. Goldman February 19, 2010
German for 'crazy' or 'insane'.
Diese Leute sind verruckt!

These people are crazy!
by Prof. Goldman February 18, 2010

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