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Typical school rugby player. Usually posessing the "On the team" attitude and acts accordingly (like a total twat.) Can usually be seen in the 'cool' end of the socialising area with the rest of the rugby team. Doesn't take well to footballers or anyone outside his group of small brains and thanks to the athletic nature of the school, didnt need qualifications to move up academically in the school (rugger bugger team coach "pulled his pisser" as known in the trade (arse sex to most.) Enjoys picking on people who are alone with rest of "gang" who are never going to fight back (gang banging.) In conversation with other rugger buggers other peoples dislike for them is expressed by the formulae

N = d (N = Not on team.) (d - dont like me/us.)

Usually will gloat etc about having trophey pickings with the women but usually is faced with nothing special and gets very annoyed when Johnny Smooth (who is actually a nice guy and hangs with Professor Chrissy) gets the school corker.
"Clothes off for the showers boys, lets do some rugger buggering"

"You aint on the team, you aint coming in" "Fine i'll go to that nice place down with goals and a box at each goals."
by Prof Reg Fritter January 05, 2008
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