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A shower tap with a sprinkler nozzle. Efficacious in reducing water usage. Nozzle apertures are set far apart to reduce aperture to surface area ratio. Also comes with adjustable nozzle head as well as aperture size. Excellent for large families.
A sprinkler nozzle is people friendly, water friendly and gives a good needle massage on the back
by ProductManager June 22, 2010
A cleaning instrument specifically designed to scrub pool, floor and bathroom tiles. Each clump of bristles are set far apart giving surface areas a far better clean.
A tile brush can be used on most surfaces however produce superior results when utilized on ridged surfaces such as tiles.
by ProductManager June 22, 2010
Protective head gear used whilst showering. A shower beret is similar to a traditional shower cap however this nifty little thing is made from rubber material and integrates the shape of a regular beret.
A shower beret is heaven on the hair in style
by ProductManager June 22, 2010
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