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What punks/skaters/goths call people who try to be punks/skaters/goths but are too mainstream. Personally I think that this whole "anything that's mainstream is bad" idea is retarded. Don't you people realize that if you're punk, goth, skater, or whatever you are that you're still conforming, just to a different group? When everybody's an "individual," no one is. The people you call "posers" are the ones who do what they want and don't care what anybody else thinks, and thats the way it should be. Who the hell are you to decide whats "punk" and whats not? If people think they're punk but they wear Abercrombie, then just let them be, they're being themselves.
I'm a girl, and I wear Abercrombie and American Eagle clothes. I also wear a lot of pink and I wear makeup to school. But if you look in my garage, you will find a $130 skateboard and about 10 different ramps and grind bars. Call me a poser if you want, but I'm just being myself.
by Prodigy IV September 29, 2006
AW...aka Anthony Wayne High School...as in the school that dominates the NLL in every sport. Anthony Wayne High School is located in Whitehouse, Ohio...pretty much in the middle of a cornfield.
A-Dubb kicks ass.
by prodigy IV September 13, 2006
AW...aka Anthony Wayne High School...as in the school that dominates the NLL.
A-Dubb kicks ass in every sport.
by prodigy IV September 11, 2006
Cross between a skater and (I hate to say it...) a skier. Rides a snowboard.
...should be self explanatory. (i had to use the word "Boarder" in my example)
by Prodigy IV November 07, 2006

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