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Someone who makes a lot of typos because he/she types too fast.
(So he/she is constantly typoing.)
"I liek teh geren car."
- "..."
"I'm sorry. I wanted to say I like the green car. I'm a terrible typoist! :("
by Procrat December 16, 2008
The intentional abuse of the traditions or beliefs of your religion for personal gain.
Person 1: WTF, were you watching porn?!
Person 2: Yeah. So?
Person 1: Isn't that against your beliefs?
Person 2: Ha, I don't have to worry about that during this time of the year. It's Ramadan next month and all my sins will be forgiven.
Person 1: That's the worst case of religion fraud I've ever heard!
by Procrat January 16, 2011
Thanks For Reading My Shit.
Usually used at the end of a letter or long forum post. The content of the letter is quite meaningless and the writer knows that.
You wanna know what happened to me today?
Well, here's the thing.
John said...
... (nothing important for more than 20 sentences)
... and I ran away crying.
by Procrat January 19, 2009

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