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1 definition by ProbablyTheBestBeerInTheWorld

The antithesis of a cock block; a gameblock occurs when one's girlfriend/wife/partner somehow prohibits him or her from playing video games with his or her friends. This commonly occurs when the girlfriend is out of town or in a long distance relationship and a phone call prevents or interrupts game play.
Jay: Hey Percy, thanks for inviting all 31 of us over for this amazing Smash Brothers Tournament.

Percival: Yea man, it is going to be a great time---(Phone Rings)----Hang on guys its my girlfriend, I'll be right back

(1 hour later)

Percival: Where did everyone go? Damn it, I just got gameblocked pretty hard core.
by ProbablyTheBestBeerInTheWorld August 25, 2008
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