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3 definitions by Probably the Best Beer in the World

The look of someone's eyes after smoking marijuana. They are usually half-open at best, red and have a hard time focusing on something.
After smoking;
Danny: "Brenda, wake up"
Brenda: "I'm awake man"
Danny: "I thought your eyes were closed"
Brenda: "Yeah, I have high eyes...got any Visene?"
Sentences in text messages that don't make sense because they were written in T9 word and the writer did not check to make sure the right words came up. This can sometimes be humorous and other times makes the text message impossible to decipher.
Brenda (in text message): What are you doing?
Wanda: I foot know
Brenda: Want to in to a car?
Wanda: That's book with me
Danny: How can you guys understand this T9 talk?
A scrotum with 0 or 1 testicle inside. See also chach bag.
After Mr. Garrison's vaginoplasty, his scrunch turned into a pussy.

Man, that guy who looks like a caveman is such a little bitch, I bet he has a scrunch.