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1 definition by Probably going to receive death threats

Someone, usually girls, who wears/owns trendy things. For example:

-Uggs (sheepskin boots)
-Lance Armstrong bracelets
-furry-hooded winter coats
-huge sunglasses
-cell phone
-those thin fishnet-plastic sandal things
-Invicta backpacks
-brands such as Parasuco, American Eagle, etc.
-iPod (newer than 20 gig)
-Converse Chuck sneakers
-tight jeans (on guys)
-being tall and skinny (guys) (obviously this can't be helped)
-Drew Carey glasses (thick- and dark-rimmed glasses)
-Hair, usually black, that is approx. down to the nose, and pulled down to one side on an angle, partly covering the forehead
-big fat skater shoes
-Enyce clothing
-baseball caps pointed semi-forward and pointing semi-up

Unfortunately, preppy-trendwhore girls are often quite attractive, so calling her a trendwhore may not be 100% bad.

I must point out that I didn't notice this stuff until I moved to Toronto, so this list may not in fact be a list of trendy things, as much as it's a list of what girls (and guys) simply wear in Toronto, or at my high-fashion university.

Also, it's possible that I've offended everyone with this definition; even I have some of the things on that list.
They don't necessarily wear all of these things at once, but certain people will wear several at once...for example, a preppy trendwhore might wear huge sunglasses, a Lance Armstrong bracelet, a pompadour, Uggs in the winter, and carry a cell phone, whereas an emo-ska-punk kid might wear Chucks, tight jeans, thick-rimmed glasses and have hair angled to one side of the forehead.