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A derndytrek is an excursion that stoners go on when they get high which has no particular destination or purpose. Derndytreks typically involve exploring places where the stoners have never been before, even if such places are close by. Derndytreks can be done on foot or in a vehicle.
Stoner 1: "I'm bored. Wanna get high?"

Stoner 2: "Yeah, let's take a derndytrek to Pelham Bay Park. I've never been there before."

Stoner 1: "Ok, but let's not get lost in the hood like we did last time."
by Pro-Latarian Milton September 26, 2009
A derndytrek done in a car or other land vehicle.
Stoner 1: "Wanna do a derndytrek?"

Stoner 2: "Get your whip, lets make it a motorderndy.

Stoner 1: "Where are we gonna go?"

Stoner 2: "I dunno. How'bout New Jersey or something?"
by Pro-Latarian Milton September 26, 2009
A derndytrek done in an airplane during flight (hopefully by passengers and not the pilot!).
Stoner 1: "Damn, San Francisco is a six-hour flight from New York. How are we gonna pass all that time?"

Stoner 2: "Check out these brownies, son. We'll eat them all right before we go through security. Air derndy!!!"
by Pro-Latarian Milton September 26, 2009
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