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Nickname for a five round, bolt action rifle made at Springfield Armory also known as an '03 (named so because of the model year of the rifle, the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle). Fired .30 caliber rounds. Was the main weapon for infantry during World War I. Usage of the rifle continued into early World War II, until it was completely replaced by the semi automatic, eight round M1 Garand. Afterwards, the Springfield mainly saw usage as a markman's rifle in the U.S Armed Forces and served as the standard American sniper rifle during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
U.S Ranger Sharpshooter Private Jackson (played by Barry Pepper) famously uses a 1903A4 Springfield sniper rifle in combat in Steven Spielburg's World War II drama, Saving Private Ryan.
by Private First Class Huaman July 31, 2004
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