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1. A character from the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) played by Ben Schultz.
2. A card in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game with the special ability of exhausting all other creatures. If you call out "Leeeeroooy Jenkins!" the card can attack instantly, but has low health and will generally die fast. Similar to the character in the game.
3. An incredibly stupid act that generally results in suffering for others.
4. A catchphrase used by players of various different MMORPGs when they are about to commit suicide, i.e. Its Leeeroooy Jenkins time!
Did he just pull a Leeroy Jenkins?
Oh my god, you are such a Leeroy Jenkins.
It's Leeeeeroooy Jenkins!
by Private First Class July 10, 2008
1. The Military Occupational Skill (MOS) assigned to a Chemical Specialist. Called Seventy-four Delta in military lingo.
2. A glorified car washer in the US Army.
3. Someone with a lot of time on their hands.
4. The most likely person to survive a chemical attack, but the least likely to survive that long.
5. The occupational skill in the Army that requires one to know how to blow up self contained haz-mat suits, fill bottles of air, setup a shower, and scrub down another human being.
You need someone to sweep the company's office? get the 74D to do it, he's in his cage doing nothing.

I feel like such a 74 Delta washing this damn Humvee.

He's such a 74 Delta, all he does all day is play solitaire on his PC.
by Private First Class June 23, 2008
1. A non-commissioned officer in the armed forces.
2. Someone who stayed in the army long enough to get promoted to being "above useless".
3. A service member in the armed forces that pretends to give a damn about lower enlisted soldiers, but actually is only looking to advance their career.
4. Non-Caring Officer
5. Someone too stupid to get an actual commission.
Sure he's an NCO, but he's been in for 15 years and he's still an E-5.
by Private First Class June 18, 2008

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