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Bitch-mark (see also Bitch-marked.) This happens frequently on American prisons. (First occurred in Louisana, 1958)

To Bitch-mark someone: After successfully raping your cell mate, you mark him with you initials, by burning them on your bitch's skin.

To be Bitch-marked: Now you would belong to said rapist.
Now your new found owner has the luxury to sell you for favors or even cigarettes.
Once this guy in Cell block D, named Victor.
Victor was serving 2,5 year for burglary, upon entering his cell, he was raped.

Upon finishing his rape his new Cell mate marked his initials into Victors underarm this was the bitchmark. Victor was later traded. Victor never made it out alive, he killed himself 1998.
by Prisonworker April 26, 2011

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