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bad, messed up, wrong; kind of scandalous

can be good if you say it in a joking way
1. Man, when they took Doug off of Nickelodeon and put him on Disney, that was totally jank!

2. Lol, at the end of Everybody Hates Chris, on each episode, something always happens to him that's totally jank!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
started by Tila Tequila on Twitter, meaning bad, jank, messed up; can either be used as a serious term or a joking term.
can also be spelled whack.
Whoever hates on Tila Tequila and removes her words from this website is wack as fuck!
by PrincessR November 25, 2009
Since LOL (laugh out loud) is so played out, I made up a new term that's going to catch on soon called TDL called (totally dying laughing). This phrase can be used in texts or face-to-face.
I was watching MadTv and I was literally TDL-ing!
by PrincessR November 28, 2009

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