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An amazing down to earth guy. You can count on him for anything, and he always knows how to make you smile. He's very conceded, but cute with it. He has a cute ass smile and his shoe game is crazy. Not only does he always look good, but he has a kind heart. Everything about him is perfect. He's smart asf both in the books and on the streets. He's there for you when you need him, and one of the best people to come talk to. He'll care for you like no other, and deep down inside a guy any girl could ever imagine being with. He's someone you never could dream of hurting because he's everything you want and more. A guy you wish you would have kept around before it's too late. He's very good with his words and he's god in bed. Such a ladies man, but someone you could easily fall in-love with and forget all your worries in the world.
"Have you met Ricky?! He's such a hunk.."

"Girl, you should go talk to Ricky..he's good with stuff like this."

"I wish I could find someone like Ricky."
by princess e May 13, 2014
bald headed female with no hair at the top, back, or sides
kiesha shut up scally wag
by Princess E March 28, 2005
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