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1 definition by Prince_Denison

iyot( verb) - A binisaya (visayan) term for sex.

Note: Correction for the above term "Mangingiyot= Photographer is wrong.

Mangingiyot = Means fucker

Maniniyot = (niyot) means Photographer.

(remove the "g" to make it photographer and add "g" to make if fucker.

Si Juan kay grabe ka mangingiyot!
(John is a superb fucker)

Si Juan kay amo-a nang maniniyot!
(John is our photographer)

NOTE: for more than 33 Million Bisayan Filipino from Visayas and Mindanao and part of Luzon are hesitant to use the word "iyot' in front of elder people, public or family member because it is a very nasty word for them. Stating the word "iyot" means you are very disrespectful.
by Prince_Denison September 23, 2010