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-pronunciation: bat - shit - crazzee - bitch

1. a female who is just plain crazy. she pesters you even though ya'll have been broken up for months. this particular type of female wont show her true colors until it's to late. she knows she's crazy so she suppresses this side of her until you learn to trust her. she will tend to get mad over the littlest things. they are usually categorized with a succubus, and will drain you of all that once made you a man. she will do many things on impulse, especially like hurting you. If you know are in a relationship with one or know someone that is, GET (them) OUT NOW!
1. "Wow, bob's ex-wife is just a bat shit crazy bitch. She actually tried cutting off his dick when she found out about his lover."
by PrinceAlbert1488 July 31, 2011

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