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A Prominent Member, usually of an online forum. Usually forgiven for minor infractions of the rules due to their popularity.
Person #1: Are you sure you can post that in this forum?
Person #2: Who cares? I'm a Prommie, dammit!
by Priest of Odd February 10, 2006
Noun. A fluff-bunny is somebody who claims to be of a religion they think is maligned (such as Wicca, Satanism, or Paganism) simply so that they have a reason to bitch and moan, partictularly about Christianity.
Person 1: You can't talk to me like that! You're being mean just because I'm Wiccan!
Person 2: ...No, I'm being mean because you're a weepy fluff-bunny!
by Priest of Odd August 14, 2005
Like an Ice Queen, but more so. A reference to the renowned frigidity of liquid nitrogen.
Don't even talk to her; she's a total Nitrogen queen.
by Priest of Odd February 21, 2008
A mispelling of "Tiocfaidh Ár Lá:, Irish for "our day will come"; the motto of the Republican movement. Often found scrawled on toilet walls by ignorant Republican fellow-travellers who seem to think that they're striking some sort of blow for national unity by scrawling illegibly while doing their best imitation of a crop sprayer with their evacuatory organs.
There isn't a pub in Dublin where you won't find "Chuckie Or Law" carved into a stall door.
by Priest of Odd October 20, 2005

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