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Someone who doesn't have a fuckin life so they sit around making fun of the jonas brothers. Why? Because they have no friends and try to make them feel better by making fun of people who actually have talent. Guy haters are just jealous because the jonas brothers can actually get girls. And girl haters don't actually hate them...they just pretend to because they want attention and want others to think that they're cool.
Jonas Brothers walk by...and a bunch of girls follow.
Boy: The Jonas Brothers are so gay (I'm just jealous because I can't get girls.)
Older Girl: Omg, I hate the Jonas Brothers (Omg, I love the Jonas Brothers...but I can't tell anyone because i'm trying to hard to be cool)
Younger girl: You guys are Jonas Brothers Haters.
by PrettyYoungThing6 July 20, 2009

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