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A phrase commonly used as an exclamation of an event that has just occured.

Likely to be heard in the Northern areas of England.

Famously used in the film 51st State by Shirley DeSouza aka Anna Keaveney.
Patty: Did you know that Marsha is a contract killer?

Welma: Well, shit in a bag and punch it!
by Pretty in wellies March 06, 2007
The unfortunate event when fecal residue is left around the anus and the person in question does an activity which involves great exertion. This exercise leads to sweating and consequently blends with the faeces to form a substance known as 'Bum Oil'.
Dude 1: that was a great round of tennis
Dude 2: yeah dude, but we should have stopped earlier, i've got bum oil running down my leg!
by Pretty in wellies May 31, 2007
Most commonly used to define the masculine derivation of the human species. If your at a loss as to how to locate such a masturbator…you will usually find them in a homogay sports car. Such a masturbator will also belong to the previously mentioned homogay sports car members only club, profusely waiving at other members as they drive by pretending they have friends. Another common feature is a large protrusion on their face located near the ear lobe, do not be mistaken that this is a Bluetooth feature! It is in fact their masturbating tool which they have candidly moved from the hip area for easy access masturbation.
‘Holy shit that Mazda masturbator is stoking his ear again’
by Pretty in wellies January 24, 2007

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