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A man or boy who spends so much time on his looks that he looks like a female. He may put on foundation, concealer, eye-liner, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. He may pluck his eyebrows or get them waxed and he may have long pretty hair that he maintains ultra well. Often times these men look prettier than most women you will meet although they are not considered transexual or transvestite.
Prince is always wearing so much make-up. He is surely a beauty boy.
#prettyboy #metrosexual #hottie #hot boy #beautiful
by Pretty Boy1983 June 23, 2010
To be soundly defeated either in a fight, a sport, or another form of competition.
Joe: Did you see the Bronco game?

Bob: No. What happened?

Joe: The Denver Broncos got whooped 59-14 by the Oakland Raiders.

Bob: Awe, shucks! How humiliating. The Raiders ain't even that good.
#crushed #beat down #humiliated #stomped #spanked.
by Pretty Boy1983 June 23, 2011
Extremely beautiful or good looking.
That girl who is bending over is oh so fine.
#pretty #fine #beautiful #hot #attractive
by Pretty Boy1983 January 28, 2011
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