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It must be something in the name "Ringgold" because Ringgold is a shitty town in Northern Georgia. The whole town's population is 2,422. The main attraction in Ringgold High School, that is about it next to cow pastures and poverty.

Dolly Parton and her husband as well as George Jones and Tammy Wynette were married in Ringgold, GA.

The city has traditionally been a "marriage center" because of the short waiting time after blood tests; one testing laboratory in the community offers a combination test/wedding package and sells clocks with the inscription "I got married in Ringgold, Ga." (If this gives you an idea about the quality of the people).

This town literally is HELL! The town (as a whole) is stuck in the mindset of 1865 where racism and discrimination and anyone who thinks "outside of the box" is frowned upon.

There is also an abundance of teen pregnancies in Ringgold. Rumor has it that it is something 'in the water' so don't drink it if you don't want to become fertile Myrtle.

There is no diversity, with a staggering 91% Caucasian (of the town) and 96% Caucasian at the high school.

A lot of the people who graduate from Ringgold High School do not go to college and stay around town for the rest of their lives. I know Ringgold is not appealing so they must be sucked into some kind of Ringgold vortex.

Also, there is a massive amount of rednecks/country people at the high school and around town. Dip, cowboy boots, and Dixie Outfitters tee shirts pretty much sums up this town and high school.
"My Mom told me we are moving to Ringgold Georgia!"
Reply: Bitch you better make sure you do everything you can to not come here.

"Moving to Ringgold is a death sentence."

"I am pregnant!"
Reply: "Stupid bitch! You are only 13!!! You must have drunk the water!"
by PrestonL February 29, 2008
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