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It is a person that exaggerates their self importance. These people like to boast or brag about their achievements, positions and accomplishments. Often seen as drama queens, blowhards and egomaniacs. These people like to inflate their credentials, but in reality they're not that important.
The people who like to inflate their claim to fame are a legend in one's own mind.
by Preston Pierce August 02, 2009
A no strings attached relationship where you and your partner are just having fun, usually sexual. No serious commitment or pressure involved, only casual encounters. Longer than a one night stand, but shorter than a long term relationship. More of a random hookup, friend with benefits. STF for short.
Doug: "I heard that Donna and Kevin broke up. That has to be really devastating to both of them. It seemed they were made for each other."

Jill: "And what rock are you living under?...LOL! They were just having in a short term fling and weren't committed to each other. They just wanted casual, non committal fun."

Doug: "I guess they pulled the wool over my eyes. Gee, I feel like such a dork...LOL!"
by Preston Pierce May 18, 2010
1.) A knucklehead or idiot who's ignorant of the world around them. They lack self awareness and are oblivious to what they say and their own actions.

2.) A blind chauvinist that displays uncritical loyalty and enthusiasm towards a team, organization, leader, band, institution, etc in spite of their obvious faults and shortcomings. Usually belligerent to criticism no matter how constructive or benign it is to their entity they blindly and uncritically support.

3.) People who never learn from their mistakes or never learn period. See definition #1.
I'm no longer friends with him because he's such a homer. I didn't like his attitude nor could I tolerate his ignorance and lack of respect for others. He'll never learn from his own action nor see the light.
by Preston Pierce November 24, 2011
To talk over people's heads using technical jargon that they're not going to understand. It's designed to equivocate others and to make them feel intellectually inferior. Especially when one is extremely irritated, aggravated and indignant. It's like the geek version of going ape shit, only in a more verbal, cerebral, subtle and restrained type of manner.
I could tell that Steve was going geekshit on Stan, Samantha and Mike this morning in the office. He was lecturing them with those big and unfamiliar words. They had no idea what he was talking about, making them feel stupid. It was his subtle and oblique way of showing how unhappy he was working with them.
by Preston Pierce December 31, 2013
Unrestrained, unorthodox or unconventional in thinking, behavior, manners, etc. One who espouses radical, nonconformist or dissenting views and opinions that are outside the mainstream.
When traveling through the bible belt of the US, it's best not to let your freak flag fly high. Otherwise, you'll be harassed and attacked by these backwater, backward thinking theocrats.
by Preston Pierce March 11, 2011

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