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Also known as "Jew York City", "Noo Yawk City", and "Hymietown". A city where the rent is too damn high yet the inhabitants of the city stupidly pride themselves for living in a place that is an absolute shithole. They cheer for the Yankees like they don't know that they bought their own team and spent the most money so they're SUPPOSED to win. It doesn't even occur to them that being a bloated shithead alcoholic loudmouth cocksucker cheering for the Yankees (unless you have money on the game) is like going to a casino and cheering for the house, and being a complete douchebag about it. Compare your city to New York City and you'll quickly realize your city is in fact the suburbs. Nobody gives two shits about the rest of New York State, which is why this terrible hole of filth, crime and assholes is being defined. The only people who care about the city are its own citizens, but they think that everyone else should too. It's also a noted fact that whenever the end of the world takes place in a movie, it always happens in NYC, mostly because audiences world-wide enjoy watching New York get hit by a natural disaster.

New York is the shithole of the United States. Nazi Germany is better than New York.
John Doe: "Hey honey, do you want to take a trip to New York for the summer?"

Jane Doe: "Fuck no, New York is a shithole."
by PresidentOfAmericunt July 23, 2012
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