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The fictional New York gang who show a cult-like devotion to the eighth U.S. President, Martin Van Buren. This term originated, like many new additions to the American lexicon, in an episode (broadcast February 6, 1997) of the wildly popular TV sitcom "Seinfeld." In this episode, Kramer is saved when he accidentally flashes the gang's secret sign: holding up eight fingers, since Van Buren was the eighth President.
The rabid Bush supporters of the South reminded me of the Van Buren boys.

The so-called "feminazis" followed Clinton with an almost Van Buren boy-like obsession.
by President Handell January 16, 2005
Also Chrismukkahkwanzaamadan. The name for the season that often encompasses four holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan.
In order to be politically correct, the city council of Berkely, CA, ordered decorations for four different holidays as part of its Chrismukkwanzaadan celebration.
by President Handell January 13, 2005
Any prolonged LiveJournal fight that includes the principal parties and their extensive networks of allies. Often, an Adamlance will utilize the posting of comments by the different participants as a way to argue, harass, and gossip about each other. Such battles have been in existence since the beginning of LiveJournal, but the term Adamlance came into popular usage in the Mid-Michigan area after an especially visceral fight between Adam Lamblin and Lance Ferris.
Person 1: "Whoa did you see that Adamlance on Josh's journal entry from last week?"

Person 2: "Heck yeah, there were over 50 comments!"
by President Handell April 05, 2005
The stage of a new word between its first few uses and the time that it is popularly accepted. Often during this stage, the new word will evolve and mutate definitions, parts of speech, and, occasionally, spelling.
While the term "blog" was still a wordsperm, Glenn Reynolds created his "Instapundit" website, which would soon become one of the most popular blogs on the Internet.
by President Handell January 16, 2005
To make an English word or phrase sound French by using French pronunciation and surrounding it with a French grammatical structure.
When I couldn't think of the French word for "videotape" on the test, I frenchified the sentence into "J'ai la video."
by President Handell January 13, 2005
Typically used of a television show. Of or resembling the characters, events, writing style, or unique elements of the Dawson's Creek television series.
Many parts of that new series "The O.C." strike me as particularly Dawsonesque; especially the friendship between Seth and Ryan, as it parallels the relationship between Dawson and Pacey.
by President Handell January 13, 2005
To make a word or phrase sound Spanish by using Spanish pronunciation and surrounding it with Spanish grammatical rules.
In the movie "The Mexican," Brad Pitt attempted to communicate with some Mexicans he encountered by espanifying his words into "el trucko."
by President Handell January 13, 2005

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