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1 definition by Prepster from BXV

Bronxville is a beautiful one square mile town in the rich Westchester County, only 20 minutes from New York City. This town might be small in size, but makes up for its size in money. Bronxville is full of millionaires with houses selling for as little as 1.5 million to 10.6 million. The majority of the town is white WASPs or Catholic. The population of blacks/asians/jews are non-existent. The school is smaller then most private schools, with less then 100 kids per grade. The school is K-12 one building. Every goes to the school for 13 years, and if not you don't fit in. The high school is the third best school in the country. Everyone knows everything about everyone else, the littlest gossip is spread within 10 minutes. All but few of the children are spoiled beyond repare. They get whatever they want. When a child turns 16 its customary to receive a car, and of course it cannot be used. Usually an Lexis, Mercedes or BMW. Although there's no required uniform girls are expected to be wearing: Seven for All Mankind Jeans, Uggs, Polo, Juicy, Kate Spade, Burberry with many others. The boys wear: Polo, J Crew, Lacoste, and others. Preppy is the way to dress or else you are part of the only punk group. All the students go on to college, majority to Ivy's or new Ivy's. Everyone is beautiful, and if you are not beautiful you are at least attractive. Gossip is the main source of information. The mother run around in Juicy jumpsuits with their children at home with the live-in nanny while their husbands are earning millions in New York City wither banking/being a doctor/inheriting the family fortune. The town is stick thin causing eating disorders among the young, but works out for the best because no one in the town is fat. The school athletics is best known for their cross country/track winning over 6 state titles for cross country and numerous nationals for track. The residents of the town either vacation in one of their multiple homes in the Cape, the Hampton's, Bar Harbor, Vermont (weekend skiing), Aspen, Florida, Italy, France, and many others. Going to Europe for the weekend isn't unheard of, done mostly on a monthly basis. When not world traveling, the residents enjoy the two Country Clubs (The Field Club and Siwanoy). The membership fees per year cost more then many Americans make in one year. Bronxville also has two colleges (Concordia and Sarah Lawrence) but the students of the High School and the College Students have the second worst town-to-college relationship in the United States. The town is full of expensive stores with brand names and the only chain stores are Haagen Dazs and Starbucks. The town is so small that by 6th grade students are allowed to leave campus for lunch. Bronxville is a wonderful town to grow up in giving a wonderful education and great opportunity's.
Person 1: Hey, you said you were from the Bronx right? Do you know my cousin Laquisha?
Person 2: No, I'm from Bronxville, maybe you know Blair, Buffy, Brad, Skip, Muffy, Madison, Chip, Davis, or Brooke?
Person 1: Say what?
Person 2: Please dont use that language around me, I'm from Bronxville all I know is designers! Please get me to a store so I can spend Daddy's money!!

The smallest/preppiest/richest town in the world
by Prepster from BXV December 03, 2007
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