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Online boutique of classy, all American style. Northeastern based, with elegant pieces designed for boating in Nantucket, golfing at the country club, brunch with friends or simply lounging with family. Also See: Tuckernucking
"Your new bow tie looks fabulous, dear, where did you get it?"

"Thank you! It's courtesy of Tuckernuck, of course!"
by Prepschool July 26, 2013
a group of rich prep kids. yea we are rich and we know it. everyone who goes here is upper class and is either really smart or so rich that they can buy their way in. our sports teams are amazing but at preppy sports like soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, hockey, and track. we can party hard and ya get over it kids drink. but you know what we can control it.
this is a private school not a public school so the boys are hot but in a preppy jock kinda way. and the girls are even hotter. but unliike public school they do not dress like sluts. we come from old money and are classy. if you dont wear designer clothing bascially dont even come. and if you think that you cant tell the kids who are on scholoarship. you can. they stick out like a soar thumb.
we rock the dress code, the honor code, our morning school assemblies with speakers from around the world, and rock at life.
all of our parents are CEO's, presdients, editors, or just plain famous and we can get whatever the hell we want.
we're rich, young, and hot and we know it
hey your rich and hot...you must go to pingry
why yes i do!
by prepschool December 08, 2008

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