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Prepcore is one who is a form of a prep yet they cannot stand other preps for some reason?. Their main classification is that of an emo. They listen to hardcore and screamo rock music, and HATE Rap Music, but is a sucker for boy bands. The Prepcore loves Fashion and is trendy. The Prepcore dresses in surfer, skater, but mostly emo attire (black nailpolish, tight pants, the whole nine yards). Pink is their favorite colour! It makes them feel Sexy! Prepcore's are non-intentionally bi-polar. They are always on a high (extremely hyper) but when on lows they are extremely depressed (with thoughts of suicide). Prepcore's internally hate themselves low self esteem, but publically cover it up by smiling (unexplainable hyperness). Prepcore's are always seen writing in a journal, usually writing lyrics, stories, or poems. Prepcore's are blunt and have sly sarcasm, but really are sensitive and insecure. Prepcore's portray innocence but are rebellious and wild at heart. Prepcore's love being surrounded in darkness. Prepcore's stand out in a sea of emos and gothic friends because of their vibrant personalities, but they so think that I'm like the coolest person ever! Ha!
Prepcore's are generally attracted to hot Emo Guys/Girls who are musically skilled and talented. No one else is good enough!
*This is SO ME...it's Pathetic!
"Prepcore's are so dramatic yet, so hardcore."
"I am %100 Prepcore!"
"Prepcore girls and Emo boys are a perfect match!"
by PrepCore07 March 23, 2007

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