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A pyro can be a range of things: If used alone pyro is a slang that is implied to mean that you like fire, But if used as a root word it relates to fire in one way or another. The slang term is used way to often kinda like noob or powned. Athough alot of people think you just need to like fire to be a pyro thats not true. To be a pyro you need to love fire, not be able to spend a day without it. Your a pyro if a day isn't normal when it lacks fire involvement. A pyro is not to be mistaken with an idiot or terrorist.
Non-Pyroman (Speaking): I once lit off a bomb with some friends.

Pyroman (In thought): What a dipshit, I did that this morning and during lunch, I'm also doing that right now. Oh well, it's not my fault if he gets his head blown up because he's so close.

Non-Pyroman (Speaking): Why are you runing?
by Preebes October 08, 2005

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