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The sexual act between two men and a woman (preferably a hooker) whereby one man is on one bed and the other man is on the other bed. The first man starts out by fucking the girl on his bed and after a short while throws the woman onto the other bed where the other man catches her and proceeds to fuck. The first man to cum is the loser of the match. A game of true stamina.
Phil and Bruce played an epic game of sex tennis on Wednesday. Unforturnaly there had to be a loser because Phil unloaded a monster load on the girl after only 3 rounds.
by Predator6 July 24, 2009
The combination of the odor of shit and cum throughout a small room or other venue.
After farting during oral sex, the room had a schummy smell to it.
i.e. El Pescado's room in college
by Predator6 July 24, 2009
The sexual act where a group of men stand facing each other with erections about a foot away from each other. The contestant in the gauntlet must try to run through the gauntlet while the penises slap him in the face.
Stan loves to participate in the Dick Gauntlet whenever he has free time. He is trying to petition to have it an Olympic Sport in 2012.
by Predator6 July 24, 2009
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