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Insulting nickname for Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, and Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. So named for her lack of intelligence, her right wing radical views, and the fact that she is a complete and total drag on McCain's campaign for President. Like, a disaster...

The fact that the nickname rhymes is just a cool co-incidence.
Joe: Are you voting for McCain?
Bob: You crazy? I don't want the Disasta from Alaska as Vice President!! She's as dumb as a bag of hammers!!
by Precious999 November 01, 2008
Fishburned. When a black man is mistaken for another black man that looks nothing like him. Referring to when Samuel L. Jackson was mistaken as Laurence Fishburne by several members of the press.
This guy at the gym said he saw me somewhere else...then realized it was another black guy! I hate being Fishburned!
by Precious999 March 14, 2015

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