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4 definitions by Prank Monkey

The invisible layer of scum found on all floors and items that have come in contact with a floor. Often contains multiple germs, diseases and other infectious organisms. If you come into contact with floor juice you should remove your hands and consult your doctor.
To lick ones shoes is to taste the floor juice, innit.
by Prank Monkey December 16, 2004
15 2
Weapon of choice for the single male with no friends. Although rohypnol bananas are currently illegal the hangover is reasonably pleasant.
When you see the colours you're there chick, innit.
by Prank Monkey December 17, 2004
13 7
A female who is sexually alluring at first glance but on closer inspection maybe under the age of consent. Commonly know for being teenage mothers, having loose morals and dating chavs. Common terminology in Jamieism.
Guy 1 - I'd like to use a rohypnol bananna on that piece of monkey.

Guy 2 - Dude she is about 13.

Guy 1 - Fucking Jojos always with the floor juice.
by Prank Monkey January 05, 2005
11 14
Me, Jamie "Deity" Michael. Deity of Jamieism.
Jeff I own Jamieism, get your own religion or I'm gonna smack your face in. Try Jeffism, i know it sounds gay but blame your parents.
by Prank Monkey February 03, 2005
23 61