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1. An American Italian who was born in the mid-western region of the nation (i.e. Colorado), that moves to New York City and gets women because of his laid back Midwestern attitude.

2. An American Italian that moves from area of the country where there are very few Italians (i.e. Midwest) to the North East (i.e. New York/Boston) where there are many American Italians and discovers saying "I am Italian no longer works as game to get them laid"

3. A silly Pimp

4. A combination of "Deuce Biglow" and "Benny Blanco from the Bronx"
Look at Deuce Blanco over there trying to bring those Bridge and Tunnel girls home.
by Pragonetti July 12, 2006
1. NASCAR is the most competitive racing series in the world, because all the cars are speced the same and the points are kept extremely tight. The championship is normally between at least 3 people going into the last race.

2. A great sport to fill the time between football seasons.

3. A reason to drink on sunday.

3 Guys watching NASCAR

Guy 1: Whose leading?

Guy 2: Who cares if it isn't Dale Jr or Jeff Gordon.

Guy 3: Give me another beer!
by pragonetti July 13, 2006

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