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Name for people who are cowardly
That chickenshit can't kill a fly.
by Pr0n April 03, 2003
1/ To engage in acts of gross misconduct with those of a young age; usually met in cyberspace.

2/ To claim to have "a big black limousine" when in actual fact a "small brown beetle" is the more appropriate term.

3/ To be known for ones ability to be a dirty badger.
1/ "I was bored last night, so i got on irc and did some rax1"

2/ "I parked rax1 in a nice garage last night"

3/ "Man its sad how much of a rax1 he is"
by pr0n February 17, 2004
Commonly means Shut it fag. Old school slang.
sif noob, hey you sif
by pr0n April 16, 2005

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