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Bhosadi means a huge vagina in Hindi & Bandar means monkey.So Bhosadibandar means Monkey's vagina.Slang among the lower class Bhaiyas in Northern India.
Tauhar gaand ma bamboo fail deinge Bhosadibandar !
by Powerman2K May 14, 2010
A blend of Sadial (Rotting in Hindi) & Khadoos/Khadus (Mean Bastard in Hindi).Bombay arty farty crowd slang.
That Gujju is a total fuckin' Sadoos.He stole our cricket ball & sold it for two bucks !
by Powerman2K May 14, 2010
A really fat gay.Always on the hunt for fresh fuckmeat & randomly touches men's private parts.Dombivli slang.
Hey Rahul, he's a total Pushpi dude.Stay away from him.
by Powerman2K May 14, 2010
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