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In Arnold's ridiculous, but all time great movie "Commando" the final action scene has him alone in a basement with Bennett the bad guy. The bad Aussie has John (Arnold) in his pistol sight when Arnold challenges him to end their fight like men and the dialog flows:
"Come on, Bennett, throw away
that chicken-shit gun" (implying that they should end it mano-a-mano, like real men).

"You don't just want
to pull a trigger." (too clean and too quick for a guy killing a guy he hates)

"Put the knife in me
and look me in the eye...
and see what's going on
in there when you turn it. (get the satisfaction of feeling the agony of your enemy as he slowly dies)

That's what you
want to do, right?"

A moment later comes the greatest line of all time:

"Don't deprive yourself
of some pleasure.

Come on, Bennett.
Let's party." (it's the macho man's equivalent of I want you to fuck me)

So, bad boy Bennett puts the gun down and John proceeds to kill him by impaling him on a pipe spewing steam. As Bennett is dying, he looks at Arnold and as John he says "Let off some steam, Bennett."

Sick, very sick, but great phony sweat and nice camo make up.
Be a real man commando, let's party.

Come on, I'll kick your ass, let's party!
by Powerharp February 28, 2006
A "jelly roll box " is usually a stainless steel or aluminum box affixed to the wall next to toilets in public restrooms. The jelly roll box is provided for women to dispose of their used sanitary napkins or tampons in rather than to flush them down the toilet.
The vile stench in the ladies room came from a jelly roll box that had not been emptied for a week.
by powerharp March 22, 2010

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