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2 definitions by Pottie Mouth

A WHORE-OP is a Co-OP apartment in New York City that is a just like a WHORE HOUSE or BORDELLA, a place where hookers live and have sex. Just like an OKIHA in Japan.
I am going to a Whore-OP tonight to rent one of his male escorts for gay sex.
by Pottie Mouth May 20, 2011
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Spam-Poker or Spam-Porking is someone will having to have sex with a fat and/or ugly rich person just for the money! Spam is the little pieces of pork all put together to make up a faux HAM! IT's a fake-me-out HAM! So Spam-Porking is fake me out sex or sex for money only.
She found a rich suga-daddy and is going over to his McMansion for some Spam-PORKING tonight! She is going to Spam-Pork him for a diamond tennis bracelet!
by pottie mouth May 20, 2011
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