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A sports car that evolved from the early Datsun/Honda rivalry of who was the best Japanese automaker. The 300zx was developed over a couple decades while Datsun produced the 240z, 260z and 280z (2.4, 2.6, 2.8 liters) and in 1984 created the Z31 300zx (3 liters). The Z31 came in turbo and NA (naturally aspirated) and also in a 2+2 model. The turbo models were fast but the 300zx was known best for its affordability. A Z31 was sold for between 19-$25,000 new. The Z32 came out in 1990 and was available with a twin turbo, capable of being tuned to have horsepower comparable to Ferrari's and Lamborghini's. However, the car no longer became affordable as it started to cost 45-$50,000. The Z series was put on hiatus in 1996 but has since returned in the 350Z in 2003.
I own a 1988 300zx 2+2 and even though it's not the fastest thing in the world, I get plenty more looks than those damn ricers and their civics/eclipses/integras...
by Potash July 06, 2005

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