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n.) One who smokes an alternative herb to cannabis called Posh. It may sometimes be found in your local 'Smoke N' Save'.
Example 1:
A:) Yo man, I just went to Smoke N' Save and got some of that Posh stuff you were talking about. One gram of it.

B:) Yeah, just be careful with that stuff, dude. I started on it the other week and turned into a poshhead real quick-like.
#posh #poshhead #poshead #pothead #pot
by Poshtoker504 July 19, 2010
n. An herb that is an alternative to the drug cannabis. It is legal in the United States and can be bought in New York at your local 'Smoke N' Save' for a roughly estimated 16-20 usd, depending on potency. It is made with a high potency damania herb blend.
Example 1:
A:) Hey Max, I just got this cool new alternative to weed, it's made for aromatherapy but everybody around here says it's safe to smoke & gives a great high, it's called Posh. I got it from Smoke N' Save.

B:) I heard of that stuff, my friend turned into a poshhead a couple days ago.
#posh #pot #marijuana #poshhead #poshead
by poshtoker504 July 19, 2010
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