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The best big brother you could ever have.
Lovable, kind, clever and huggable, a Benjypoo brother is hard to find. Even though they can be painful sometimes, it's worth it.
Girl1: I have the best brother ever.

Girl2: No you don't.

Girl1: I do!

Girl2: Not as good as my Benjypoo. No brother is better.

Girl1: Yeah, that is true...
by Poshpuff September 28, 2010
livvy is a charming beautiful girl who loves fluffy jumpers. she loves films and big cities yet she is wonderful with nature and animals.
she has wonderful taste in clothes and has a sexy body lolol
people always love her and she has so many friends
all her friends value her so much
and she'll always be loved by everyone
+she likes sexy boys
person 2: livvy always looks amazing, person 1!

livster: omg guys you're too sweet
by Poshpuff November 28, 2011
she is the loveliest, prettiest person in the entire world that always has the best intentions and would never do anything mean.
she has so many facial expressions but if you know a sasha well you get to know them well.
sashas should rule the world and ALL WOULD BE WELL
person 1: omg i wish i was sashabasha
person 2: omg same

sashabasha: omg guys you guys are amazing dont worry

person 1 & 2: omg isnt she so nice
by Poshpuff November 28, 2011
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