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it's the illegal beer sold in Europe by the "Pakis" in the streets, generally rolling 24/7 prices range according to negotiation. Useful when stores are closed and need the party going.
Paki: Cerveza beer amigo?
Dude1: fuck off
Dude2: Wait! everything is closed dude I need some Pakibeers to fuck this biatch How much?
Paki: Ten "uro"
Dude2: six for five
Paki: "Deel"
by Popdandy August 17, 2011
It's the Art of cock slapping an Ukrainian woman when she's in the search of lemons.
Hey Curtis, Yesterday I find myself at Vons in the fruit section , I saw Yaroslava and cock slavy the shit out of her.
by Popdandy August 08, 2011
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