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2 definitions by Pop yo' colla

a compillation of photos and or memorobelia. scrapbooks are crafty, fun, and entertaining!
I am making a scrapbook so that i can remember fun things that i did.
by Pop yo' colla July 20, 2006
37 20
Anyone who is anyone. We preps are always neat, tidy, our hair always looks perfect, our clothing is mostly made up of polos (collar popped-always), jeans, khakis, and oh yeah, J. CREW IS OUR RELIGION. Welcome to prepville, population, us.
Preppy is truly showed when you own a Project E brand distressed polo with the collar popped. Those who are truly preppy may even have the ones that say 'preppy' in rhinestones when the collar is popped.
by Pop yo' colla July 19, 2006
15 21