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Awe-threesomes are when you and two other besties of yours cuddle up to watch a scary movie, anime, or a funny. No homo. Everything is normal in the day of friendship. You have fun, and dont give a care what people think about you. Because you are amazing.
Me and my besties had some awe-threesomes last night.
by Pop Rocks and Pepsi July 03, 2011
Peoples Besties. The ones you cant live without. If you didnt have them you would die. Drop Dead. They are beautiful gorgeous people/aliens that have to be attached to your hip or the world will explode. Smosh-ians and Smosh-anthonys are what Im talking about. If you dont know, you shall never understand the pure meaning of friendship. Hetalia, Black Butler. The animes you share. The people who care. Bronies. The person who will accept you for who you are and never say never... TO MY LITTLE PONY.!
My tit-tacular beastie just wrote an awesome description for me.
by Pop Rocks and Pepsi July 03, 2011
You are an amazing person. Without you no one would be able to breath. You are the life of the party, or the shyest person in the world. All together, people love you. Because you are you. Many are inspired by your awesome ways and wish they could be friends with you somehow. Most people just cannot handle your dick-mazingness and might just burn up into the sun.
I just had a dick-mazing time at Rorys house mom!
by Pop Rocks and Pepsi July 03, 2011
You have boobs. This is to all the girls out there. ALL girls night? Well have fun! Who cares how you look! Put on some make-up (shark skin) And be yourself! smudge it up to your eyebrows and just have fun. When you hang out with your besties, they dont care about looks. Your Un-boob-lievable. They love you for you. Thats how things run.
You are so Un-boob-lievable today! :D
by Pop Rocks and Pepsi July 03, 2011
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