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A mixture of champagne or ginger ale and ripple. It was first mentioned on the episode of Sanford and Son entitled "Fred & Carol and Fred & Donna" in which he says he has a mixture of ginger ale and ripple. It was mentioned later in the episode "Superflyer" in which they decide to get champagne (not ginger ale) because they are on a plane flying first class and Redd Foxx also wants some ripple to mix it with, saying they could call it "champipple."
Man, I wish they still made ripple, so we could make some champipple
by PooDooHooDoo December 08, 2010
A sex act in which one man is doing a girl doggystyle while the other is receiving oral sex and they high five over her back creating the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile there are two girls covered in oil who ride a slip n slide under the girl having sex while one holds onto the others feet so that they slide in tandem. As they pass under the girl they push their butts up so they punch the other girl in the stomach.
I can't believe you guys didn't invite me to your french carpool, I love absurd sexual acts.
by PooDooHooDoo November 02, 2011

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