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A vacuous repetitious chant that is supposedly holy or enlightening (ie 'Hare Krishna" repeated over and over for hours), but in reality is mindless dribble repeatedly parroted by idiots.

The term now describes the exact same behaviour used for special interest memes that are designed to convert the unbeliever into thinking correct thought processes.

Adherents are enraptured by the astounding power of the sound bite, the incredibly deep insight uttering the meme gifts to the true believer, and the awesome utility to everyday life.

The infidel (normal average people) are appalled at the vacuous insanity, of poorly trained animals forced to degrade themselves by mouthing off such pathetic attempts at brainwashing and conversion, knowing full well the only people this meme is going to convert and bring over to the right way of thinking are the simple minded, the less gifted, and the appallingly stupid.

- normally the perpetuaters of the meme think their meme is so powerful that it wins all arguments merely by being uttered;

- a perfunctory, meaningless stupidity; the expected, obligatory, infantile party line. a catch-phrase; a rallying point for the faithful.

- a nauseatingly clumsy attempt to get their dirty fingers inside your mental underwear.
"He repeated the party mantra that equal tax rates for both the rich and poor was fair."
"The land of the free" ( more people in jail than any other )
"You can't blame climate change on global warming"
"Guns don't kill people"
by PooBeetle2 August 31, 2012

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