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Fans of the new iteration of the "My Little Pony" franchise; the catch being they are outside than the target demographic (often male 13-30). "Brony" is a gender-neutral term (though for females "bronette" is sometimes used). Formed from the words bro and pony.

Bronies, unlike /b/tards, tend to NOT hate everyone on their sites, and seem to have Unitarian Unviersalist-esque values.

According to KYM, Bronies is at the level of "Internet Subculture" (same level as furries).

Contrary to popular belief, not all bronies have a fetish for horses, or even furry fetishes.
I am a brony.
by Ponky Poo July 10, 2011
Due to the super-sweet and girly nature of My Little Pony, the fandom has determined that it is neigh but impossible for them to have anything but.
Candy Vag detected!
by Ponky Poo June 22, 2011
1. The beleif that Princess Celestia is, in fact, secretly either a tyrant or a troll.

2. The brony equivelant of trollface
I personally think that the whole "Trollestia" thing is an elaborate ruse started by her younger sibling, Princess Luna as a form of revenge for trapping her in the moon for 1000 years, but...yea...
by Ponky Poo June 23, 2011
1. The stuff that you put on pancakes (if maple) or on ice cream (if chocolate)
2. The substance menstrated by female ponies, due to their candy vag
1. Rainbow Dash's syrup was eaten by Pinkie Pie.
2. Rainbow Dash's syrup was eaten by Pinkie Pie.
by Ponky Poo June 22, 2011
Like a grammar nazi, they have no tolerance for bad grammar. Unlike one, they cease to do anything about such bad grammer.
The passive form of their more infamous counterparts.
Person: And they're were no survivors!
Grammer Nazi: *there
Grammar Anti-Semite: *twitch*
by Ponky Poo July 28, 2011
The Z stands for Zoidberg
ZOMG, I'm bored and sleep deprived whilst writing this...
by Ponky Poo July 10, 2011

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