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NYG is an acronym for "New York Groupie". A New York Groupie is a person not from New York City who has a strange obsessive–compulsive disorder which forces them to constantly talk about New York City in a negative manner. NYG's are known to have severe cases of delusions of grandeur based on their city's murder and crime rates compared to New York City's. NYG's are also known to travel in flocks and cosign each others every negative comment towards New York City, whether the comment is a fact or not. NYG's are experts in New York City's gang culture, street culture, drug culture, prison culture, and fashion culture; even more so than a person actually from New York City. The NYG phenomenon has seen massive widespread growth recently due to the internet.
Have you been on thehoodup.com lately? Man, that place is full of NYG's.
by Pompous9867564567899 October 20, 2009

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