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Something that's popular. Sure, it's trendy, sure, it's probably on MTV and popular among people-but, honestly-is it really that much of an issue if I have Lady Gaga on my Ipod? She's in there with Amanda Palmer and Porcelain and the Trams as well-am I indie enough for you?

The lot of you are being really rude. Some mainstream is good, it's not the end of the world, so stop complaining that somebody else likes Rihanna and you like The Decemberists.

Grow up.
Person A: Hey, have you heard the new release from Lady Gaga? It's pretty good. I think I"ll give her a chance!

Person B: Umm..that stuff is forced down our throats by mtv and stuff. You shouldn't listen to that. Here, I got a new album based off of a Pitchfork review, you should try it.

Person A: *listens*
Yeah...no offense dude, but I don't like it.

Person B: *scoffs* You're just another one of the sheeple. A slave to the mainstream. You just have bad taste.
by Polygame December 31, 2010

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