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Someone who is a complete, utter virgin and appears to have no interest in the female form what-so-ever.
Often spends there time playing COD and watching youtube videos in a dark room while their compadre's are having a good time elsewhere.
A Pussy McVirginheim can be identified via the following:
1. Weedy, pale and twitchy (often due to lack of masturbation).
2. Unfashionable (clothing can say alot about a person).
1. Not good with people, especially women!
2. Disappointment to parents and friends.

Overall an embarrassment to the human race.
Dude 1: hey man, who's that little weirdo over there?
Dude 2: what the weedy kid? Oh god he's like the worst person ever, he hasn't spoken to anyone in like 5 years, he spends his time on the internet, probably on runescape.
Dude 1. Ever had a bird?
Dude 2. Unlikely
Dude 1: man, what a Pussy McVirginheim! I hope he gets cancer
by Polomonsyllabosaurus November 02, 2011

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