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A 1980's slang term used to describe a woman sought out for female companion ship specifically for sexual contact or intercourse. Originating from the Disco Culture "Magumbo" was used to describe a woman who was to be courted for sex or a one-night stand relationship and not for regular dating. One would not refer to Magumbo as one's fiancé or wife. Can be used to describe the vagina, breasts, or the butt, but usually described the woman as a sex object.
Synonyms: piece of ass, Trim, slut, whore
Hey man, lets go see if we can find some Magumbo bro. I got some Magumbo last night. My girlfriend gave me some magumbo last night in the back seat of my car. You know I'd like to find some Trim at the Disco Club.
by Polaris149_001 December 10, 2006

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