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When a girl is giving head and you shove it down her throat so hard that she can't breathe, then you plaster your white cum on her blue face and viola!!!! Its Papa Smurf!!!!
I pulled the ol' papa smurf on your mom the other night, your dad was laughing his ass off.
by Polar Bear December 05, 2004
A game in which you look for cars with headlight or foglight out (pididdle) or tail light (pedunk) and call it out. When someone correctly calls a piddidle or pedunk, all members of the opposite sex present must remove an article of clothing.
Pididdle! You have to take off your shirts.
by Polar Bear April 21, 2004
car with a broken tail light
That Geo is a pedunk!
by Polar Bear April 21, 2004
ball, from the analogies section of the SAT
Dude, you just hit me in the leps
by Polar bear March 03, 2005

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